per stirpes

per stirpes
 Legal formula for allocating the assets of an estate when the deceased did not leave a will.

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  • per stirpes — per stir·pes /pər stər pēz, per stir pās/ adv or adj [Latin, by familial stocks]: by right of representation the estate was divided per stirpes used of a method of distributing an esp. intestate estate compare per capita ◇ Per stirpes… …   Law dictionary

  • Per stirpes — is a law Latin phrase (meaning by branch ) used in wills that specifies that each family branch of a group of beneficiaries is to receive an equal share of an estate, usually to take effect in the case where the first choice beneficiary has died… …   Wikipedia

  • per stirpes — perˈstirˌpās, ˌpərˈstər(ˌ)pēz adverb (or adjective) Etymology: Latin : by familial stocks : as representatives of the branches of the descendants of a person used of a mode of reckoning the rights or liabilities of descendants in which the… …   Useful english dictionary

  • per stirpes — Per class, particularly distribution by the class. 23 Am J2d Deeds § 200. Taking together the share that a parent would have taken. Anno: 126 ALR 159; 57 Am J1st Wills § 1291. By representation; taking a share which a deceased ancestor would have …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • per stirpes — Latin, by families, by stocks; in legal use, for inheritances, etc., opposed to per capita …   Etymology dictionary

  • Per stirpes — (lat.), bei Theilungen, wenn das Ganze nach der Zahl der Stämme u. der Antheil eines jeden Stammes nach der Zahl der einzelnen Glieder zerfällt wird …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • Per stirpes — (lat., »nach Stämmen«), Ausdruck bei Erbteilungen, wenn diese nach der Zahl der Stämme geschehen (Gegensatz: in capita, »nach Köpfen«). Vgl. Erbfolge, S. 889 …   Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

  • Per stirpes — Per stirpes, lat., (Vertheilung) nach Stämmen im Verhältniß der einzelnen Glieder von jedem derselben …   Herders Conversations-Lexikon

  • per stirpes — /perr sterr peez, peuhr/, Law. pertaining to or noting a method of dividing an estate in which the descendants of a deceased person share as a group in the portion of the estate to which the deceased would have been entitled. Cf. per capita (def …   Universalium

  • per stirpes — adverb or adjective Etymology: Latin, by familial stocks Date: 1682 in equal shares to each member of a specified class with the share of a deceased member divided proportionately among his or her beneficiaries (as children) < the estate was… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Per Stirpes — A stipulation that, should a beneficiary predecease the testator, the beneficiary’s share of the inheritance will go to his or her heirs. While the term per stirpes is commonly used in reference to assets under a will, it is sometimes used… …   Investment dictionary

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